Monday, March 4, 2013

Artist: The Screwtape Letters
Album: Greatest Hits
Genre: Deathcore
Bitrate: 128

Track List
1. Terror On The Catwalk
2. String Theory
3. King Tut Beatdown
4. Babe, Make Me A Sandwich
5. Ion The Prize
6. Platyhelminthes Vs. The Ameobocites

For Fans Of:  Salt The Wound, Cholera

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Artist: Brain Ass
Album: Primordial Uncouth
Genre: Brutal death
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Intro
2. Kitab Dusta
3. Jerat Bungkam Penggal
4. Surga Hitam
5. The Unclean Come
6. Bestial Baptism
7. Lingkar Setan
8. Psycho Freak Species
9. Quell The Lucidity
10. Outro/Surga Hitam (demo version 2008)

For Fans Of:  Abhorrent Castigation,


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cerebral Incubation - Asphyxiating on Excrement (2009)

Artist: Cerebral Incubation
Album: Asphyxiating on Excrement
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Slam
Bitrate: 320kbps
Track List
1. Gastrointestinal Rape
2. Pharaonic Circumcision
3. Malignant Spiculated Legion
4. Polycystisovarian Rupture
5. Slam-Induced Groovitoid Groovitis
6. Vasovagal
7. Dilation And Evacuation Of A Fetal Demise
8. Asphyxiating on Excrement
For Fans Of: Cephalotripsy, Devourment, Extermination Dismemberment
I don't know why it took me so long to upload this brutal death classic! If you like the genre this features everything you'd want! Guttural vocals, hillarious samples and the signature grooves and slams!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spasme - Deep Inside (2000)

Artist: Spasme
Album: Deep Inside
Genre: Death Metal
Bitrate: 320kbps
Track List
1. Deep Inside (Part 1)
2. The Attack (Part 2)
3. Buried Alive
4. Traumatized
5. Earth, War, Fire
6. The Corner Of My Ceiling
7. Casuals of Brutality
8. Living Terror
9. Bonus Track

For Fans Of: Incantation, Disma, Decapitated

A FANTASTIC Death Metal album this features the vocalist on Cryptopsy's None So Live album and was arguably one of their better vocalists. Deffinently be sure to download it now and post it on your blog if you have one!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Artist: Cholera
Album: 2009 Demo
Genre: Deathcore
Bitrate: 128
Total length: 12:00
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Track List
1. Dignity Complex
2. Suppression
3. Tad's Song

For Fans Of:  Salt The Wound, The Screwtape Letters, I Declare War

Sick demo by Cholera. Production's too good to be a demo.

Artist: Cholera
Album: 2006 Demo
Genre: Deathcore
Bitrate: 128
Total length: 22:50
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Track List
1. Intro
2. Crucifixion Of Affixiation
3. Mark Norton
4. Bludgeoning
5. On Goes The Show
6. The Contract
7. Dahmer Party Of Four, Your Table Is Ready
8. Kane Hodder Is The Best Jason

For Fans Of:  Salt The Wound, The Screwtape Letters, I Declare War

One of the sickest bands ever.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Disma - Towards the Megalith (2012)

Artist: Disma
Album: Towards the Megalith
Genre: Death Metal
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List
1. Chaos Apparation
2. Chasm Of Oceanus
3. Spectral Domination
4. Vault Of Membros
5. Purulent Quest
6. Lost in the Burial Fog
7. Of A Past Forlorn
8. Towards the Megalith
For Fans Of: Incantation
For those who like some death metal slow and doomy and deep this is the release for you! Very similar to Incantation so if you like them you can't pass this up!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kings of Hate - EP (2012)

Artist: Kings of Hate
Album: EP
Genre: Beatdown Hardcore/Deathcore
Bitrate: 320kbps
Track List
1. Intro
2. The Rain
3. The Fire that Never Ends
4. Extermination

For Fans Of: Suffokate, Calmed By the Tides of Rain, Fallbrawl
Hard-hitting beatdown influenced deathcore thats so catchy and will have you headbanging the entire time! Features ex Suffokate vocalist Jared and actually sounds a lot like Ricky Hoover on this release so if you like Suffokate you will prolly eat this up!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Extremely Rotten - Demo (2009)

Artist: Extremely Rotten
Album: Demo
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Bitrate: VBR
Track List
1. Chamber of Excruciation
2. Human Atrocity
3. Feasting On Putrified Remnants
4. Inhuman Harvest

For Fans Of: Amputated Genitals, Mindly Rotten,
Sick demo release from a sick group that will hopefully dish out a full-length in the near future. Must have for any fan of brutal death!

Artist: TRIAC
Album: Always Meant To Hurt You
Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Child Thief
2. Seedsower
3. Hole
4. Grab Everything That Kills

For Fans Of:  Insect Warfare, Wormrot, Streetcleaner, Water Torture

Artist: TRIAC
Album: Blue Room EP
Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 256

Track List
1. Feeder
2. Coward In The Smoke
3. Shell Of A Man
4. I Wish The Worst For You
5. In The Blue Room
6. Isolation Tank: Day 6
7. My First Blasphemy

For Fans Of: Insect Warfare, Wormrot, Streetcleaner, Water Torture

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Acranius - The Echo of Her Cracking Chest (2011)

Artist: Acranius
Album: The Echo of her Cracking Chest
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Slam
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List
1. Ghetto Brawl
2. Supremacy Through Rejection
3. The Echo of her Cracking Chest
4. Always Battlesome
5. Pulmonary Perforation
6. Shawnty Towns Hooker

For Fans Of: Devourment, Waking the Cadaver, Kraanium
Some really catchy simple slam well worth downloading! Final track features the vocalist of Kraanium \m/

Friday, August 17, 2012

Shot Down Sun - The Human Design (2006)

Artist: Shot Down Sun
Album: The Human Design
Genre: Deathcore
Bitrate: 320
-no known available and/or active site-

Track List
1. Prelude (They Have Been Watching Us)
2. Blame Jules Verne
3. Neematoad
4. Escaping Eternity
5. Interlude (The Code Is Broken)
6. A Perfect Murder
7. Under A Pale Sky
8. Aesthetics
9. Lethargy
10. The Human Design
11. Outro (We Die At The Hands Of Machines)
12. I'm Not Dead

For Fans Of:  Mortal Treason, Symphony In Peril, Sinai Beach, Evergreen Terrace

One of the best deathcore bands. Maybe unknown, but they were still ahead of their time.

The Eyes Of A Traitor - A Clear Perception (2009)

Artist: The Eyes Of Traitor
Album: A Clear Perception
Genre: Deathcore/metalcore
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Under Siege
2. Like Clockwork
3. With Different Eyes
4. Escape These Walls
5. Decorus
6. Misconceptions
7. Echoes
8. Hands Of Time
9. The Impact Of Two Hearts
10. A Clear Perception

For Fans Of:  Evita, Gallows For Grace, From The Carnival Of Horrors, Sea Of Treachery

The Eyes Of A Traitor - By Sunset (2007)

Artist: The Eyes Of A Traitor
Album: By Sunset
Genre: Deathcore/metalcore
Bitrate: 128

Track List
1. Disrememberence
2. Bloodshed
3. By Sunset
4. Tombstone City
5. For Reasons That Remain Unclear

For Fans Of:  Evita, Gallows For Grace, From The Carnival Of Horrors, Sea Of Treachery

Black Breath - Sentenced To Life (2012)

Artist: Black Breath
Album: Sentenced To Life
Genre: Entombedcore (chaotic hardcore, death metal, grindcore, crust, crossover thrash)
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Feast Of The Damned
2. Sentenced To Life
3. Forced Into Possession
4. Home Of The Grave
5. Endless Corpse
6. Mother Abyss
7. Of Flesh
8. Doomed
9. The Flame
10. Obey

For Fans Of:  Trap Them, Nails, Rotten Sound, All Pigs Must Die, Entombed


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Science of Sleep - Affliction (2011)

Artist: Science of Sleep
Album: Affliction
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Bitrate: Various

Track List
1. Introduction
2. Affliction
3. To Protect and Abuse
4. Mutilation Of Messages
5. Gallows Of Treachery
6. Slice & Dice

For Fans Of: Whitechapel, Ingested, Suffokate, King Conquer
Really beast brutal EP from a dying genre! Vocalist can be described as a mix of Ricky Hoover and Phil Bozeman with a little Ingested gurgles!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upon Disfigurement - Demo 09 (2009)

Artist: Upon Disfigurement
Album: Demo 09
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List
1. Intro
2. Anesthetic Remains
3. To Catch a Predator
4. B.S.C.O.C.
5. Abscess
6. Fireworks

For Fans Of: Whitechapel, Old Chelsea Grin, King Conquer
Band sadly broke up after this crushing demo. They were from around my area and picked up a suprisingly decent fanbase while they were around but sadly came to an end over unfortunate circumstances... Still worth downloading tho check it out!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Night at the Chalet - Filth (2012)

Artist: A Night at the Chalet
Album: Filth
Genre: Deathcore
Bitrate: Various

Track List
1. Disgusting Images of Reality
2. Into the City of the Dead
3. Forever Entombed Amongst The Catacombs
4. From The Edge Of The Abyss
5. Dimensions
6. The Process Of Rotting
7. Purgatory II
8. Filth
9. Diminish The Human Existance
10. Of the Living Flesh
11. Into Nothingness
For Fans Of:  And Hell Followed With
Great brutal but melodic release! Check this out deffinently \m/

Friday, August 10, 2012

Black Breath - Heavy Breathing (2010)
Artist: Black Breath
Album: Heavy Breathing
Genre: Entombedcore (chaotic hardcore, death metal, grindcore, crossover thrash)

Track List
1. Black Sin (Spit On The Cross)
2. Eat The Witch
3. Escape From Death
4. I Am Beyond
5. Virus
6. Heavy Breathing
7. Children Of The Horn
8. Fallen
9. Unholy Virgin
10. Wewhocannotbenamed

For Fans Of:  Trap Them, Nails, Rotten Sound, All Pigs Must Die, Entombed
This is what pure hate sounds like.

Insect Warfare - World Extermination (2007)
Artist: Insect Warfare
Album: World Extermination
Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Oxygen Corrosion
2. Self Termination
3. Enslaved By Machinery
4. Manipulator
5. Zone Killer
6. Decontamination
7. Street Sweeper
8. Dead Inside
9. Human Trafficking
10. Hydraphobia
11. Mind Ripper
12. Armored Virus
13. Mass Communication Mindfuck
14. Nuclear Deterrence
15. Paranoia
16. Necessary Death
17. Protection Maze
18. Lobotomized
19. Internet Era Alienation
20. Evolved Into Obliteration

For Fans Of:  Wormrot, Maruta, Mumakil, Nasum, Phobia
Easily one of the most insane grindcore albums you'll ever hear. CD rip

Slaughterbox - The Ubiquity Of Subjugation (2011)

Artist: Slaughterbox
Album: The Ubiquity Of Subjugation
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List
1. The Head Table
2. Judas Kiss
3. Arrogance And The Loss Of Human Dignity
4. Pfiesteria Piscicida
5. Fit for Human Consumption
6. Manifest Destiny Of The New World Order
7. The Ubiquity Of Subjugation
8. In His Fathers Care

For Fans Of:  Brain Drill, Viraemia,
Really technical and absurd brutal death. If rediculous stuff like Brain Drill is your thing you will have fun with this release!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Analdicktion - Sluts

Artist: Analdicktion
Album: Sluts
Genre: Brutal death, hentaicore
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Fingerbang Abortion
2. Whoreaphobic
3. Female Expulsion Orgasmic Parade
4. Gagged And Grinded
5. Phrenetic Impaled Vaginal Dissection
6. Quantity Of A Human Defilement
7. Anorexorcist
8. Semen Covered Butchered Whores
9. Too Kvlt To Fuck
10. Sperm VS Egg
11. Teenage Assault Bukkake Ceremony
12. Campaign For Emo Destruction
13. Severed Scene Slut
14. Genetically Abused Youth

For Fans Of:  Jig-Ai, Puniphile, Vaginal Cadaver, Female Nose Breaker

Abraxas - Damnation
Artist: Abraxas
Album: Damnation
Genre: Death metal
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Astaroth
2. Through Blood We Return
3. Crowned Rebellion
4. A Species Untrue
5. Ingrowing Masochistic Perversion
6. Folding For Our Demise
7. Leviathan Of Blood And Fire
8. Damnation Uncreation
9. Universal Collapse
10. Receptacle Of Sin
11. To The Wall (Sepultura cover)
12. Eternally Erased
13. Agony Absolution

For Fans Of:  Hideous Divinity, Abnormity, Abdicate, Abysmal Torment

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vomepotro - Liturgy of Dissection (2009)

Artist: Vomepotro
Album: Liturgy of Dissection
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List
1. Incolleption
2. Cephalic Fast Food
3. Defaced By Pestilence
4. Buried In Collective Grave
5. Assassin Psychopath
6. Liturgy of Dissection
7. Horror Humanfactore
8. Carnivorenecropsy
9. Posmortiis Rectaliation
10. Mass Hypnosis
11. Dominate

For Fans Of:  Vulvectomy, Septycal Gorge
2nd album from this sick group very similar to the last one but better in everyway!

Vomepotro - Zombie Gore Vomit (2006)

Artist: Vomepotro
Album: Zombie Gore Vomit
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Bitrate: 192kbps
Track List
1. Sacrifice Bloody Cult
2. Worms Devour My Flesh
3. Violating the Dead
4. Aborted Fetus
5. The Head Smasher
6. Mortal Fetish (Mutilation)
7. Rotting Alive
8. Necrodemented
9. Sucking Umbilical Cord
10. Drum Solo

For Fans Of:  Vulvectomy, Septycal Gorge,
Awesome album not as good as their next one but still worth downloading if you like your brutal death disgusting and gory like me!

Abacinate - Portrayal of a Gray Man (2006)

Artist: Abacinate
Album: Portrayal of a Gray Man
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Bitrate: 243kbps
Track List
1. Far From the Reaches of Medical Attention
2. No Big Deal... Death Always Comes With The Territory
3. The Lip that Never Smiles
4. Extension Cord 17
5. Life is Worth Losing

For Fans Of:  Whitechapel, Impartial Dismemberment, Ingested
This EP seriously kicks ass!!! Its far different from the material released after this for they turned into sort of a technical death metal outfit. I personally love this release its fun and hits hard and has incredible vocals!


Abby Martin - Self-Titled EP (2006)

Artist: Abby Martin
Album: EP
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Bitrate: 147kbps

Track List
1. Quarantine
2. Kill Frenzy
3. Do It Like John Twinn
4. Ace High Flush

For Fans Of:  Despised Icon, About a Plane Crash,
Only release by this band I think definitely recommended if you like brutal lows and sick pig squels. Highs are also pretty unique!

Jig-Ai - Katana Orgy

Artist: Jig-Ai
Album: Katana Orgy
Genre: Deathgrind, entombedcore, hentaicore
Bitrate: 320

Track List
1. Wasabi Chicks
2. 36 MMM
3. Anaal Forsage
4. Bonsai Bukkake
5. Boxing The Belted Tits
6. Katana Orgy
7. Testicles Dance
8. Retching By Penis
9. Emperor Bloody Cum
10. Vaginal Scratching
11. Samurai Gay Party
12. Dick Grapple
13. Stench Of Prophet (Brutal Truth cover)
14. Bath In Razorblades
15. Shu-Lin
16. Vlakin And Otyn Are In
17. Liposuction By Machete
18. Genital Grinder (Carcass cover)
19. Regurgitation Of Giblets (Carcass cover)
20. We Are Going For Your Cunt, Bitch

For Fans Of:  Vaginal Cadaver, Puniphile, Analdicktion, Black Breath, Trap Them, Nails

Awesome band that mixes brutal death, deathgrind, and entombedcore to give this band their own sound. Probably the best hentaicore band yet.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pus Vomit - Degrade the Worthless (2009)

Artist: Pus Vomit
Album: Degrade the Worthless
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Slam
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List
1. She Died a Virgin
2. Soaked in her own Blood
3. God help me rape the dead
4. Pungent Rotting Flesh
5. Self-Inflicted Wound
6. Dead for Rent
7. Your Dead Body I Molest
8. Dead Remains
9. Retching Lacerated Entrails
10. Dismembered Virgin Limbs

For Fans Of:  Devourment
Absolutly worth getting if you are a huge fan of devourment! You could say this is a clone band but tbh that isn't really a bad thing in this case. Also some of the sickest vocals i've heard in brutal death!

Artist: Condemned To The Catapult
Album: 2 Song Demo
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Bitrate: VBR

Track List
1. Forged In Flames
2. Ethiopian Bike Gang

For Fans Of:  Bubbles, Abby Martin, I Ate Everybody, O' Captain My Captain, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Ingested, Whitechapel

There's no known upload of this demo on the net, til now

Artist: Mortal Treason
Album: A Call To The Martyrs
Genre: Deathcore/metalcore/christian
Bitrate: 128

Track List
1. Khampa Nomads
2. Walk In The Woods
3. War Within
4. A Call To The Martyrs
5. Feed On The Weak
6. Bride's Last Kiss
7. Beneath The Shadows
8. Todd
9. Untitled acoustic track

For Fans Of:  Symphony In Peril, Zao, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Underoath (first 3 albums), Sinai Beach, Despised Icon, Shot Down Sun

Don't let their Christian faith turn you away, because this album will bust your balls and these breakdowns will make you wanna SLAM DAT SICKNESS. Especially the title track; despite these guys being Christian, this is one of the most evil sounding deathcore albums. Listen and MAWSH 4 JESUS

Condemned to the Catapult - Hourglass Demo (2008)

Artist: Condemned to the Catapult
Album: Hourglass Demo
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Bitrate: 160kbps

Track List
1. Andre the Nerd
2. Hideous
3. Sociopath

For Fans Of:  Whitechapel, I Ate Everybody, Annotations of an Autopsy, Ingested
A decent deathcore band from a while ago sadly they only released this demo and broke up but it suprisingly got quite a bit of notice